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Cedar River Academy collaborates with students, families, school personnel, and the community in providing a comprehensive, developmental, and preventative school counseling program. School counselors work diligently to:

  • Reach every student
  • Be an integral part of the total educational program for student success
  • Utilize the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national standards as the foundation that supports academic, career, and personal and social development
  • Ensure a delivery system that provides individual student planning, responsive services, and systems support
  • Use data to drive program goals and monitor student progress

We believe that:

  • All students have the ability to achieve to their full potential
  • All students have dignity and worth
  • All students have the right to be served by a comprehensive school counseling program
  • All students have the right to be served by a masters level, state licensed school counselor
  • All students have the opportunity to develop and learn in an engaging and safe environment
  • All students will have the opportunity learn about the sustainability of self, our community and our environment


Counseling resources

Family/Student Handbook

Family support

Food pantries
Pandemic parenting

Mental health

Abbe Mental Health Center
Four Oaks
2-1-1 mental health resources
Tanager Place

Youth services

Boys and Girls Club
Support for LGBTQ youth

Key contact

Tali Duff

School Counselor